1. "Only mystery makes us live. Only mystery."
    — Federico García Lorca, Le Poète À New York

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  2. El Teide. Spain. TSO Photography.


  3. "We’ve created a culture that fetishizes the new(s), and we forget the wealth of human knowledge, wisdom, and transcendence that lives in the annals of what we call “history” – art, literature, philosophy, and so many things that are both timeless and incredibly timely. Our presentism bias – anchored in the belief that if it isn’t at the top of Google, it doesn’t matter, and if it isn’t Googleable at all, it doesn’t exist – perpetuates our arrogance that no one has ever grappled with the issues we’re grappling with. Which of course is tragically untrue."

  4. "Be responsible for the energy you bring."
    — Purple Buddha Project 

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    The Wheel of Time

  7. The Ants. Elizabeth Colomba. 2011

    Oil on canvas. 

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  8. Massive Attack. Hymn of the Big Wheel

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  9. Aleksandr Kosteckij. Conversation with the Gods.

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  14. Lee Ufan

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